Hidden Relics

Hidden Relics 1.0.1

Solve puzzles and find artifacts


  • Travel the world
  • Mini games
  • Use special tools to uncover treasures
  • Nice graphics


  • Takes a bit of time to install

Very good

In Hidden Relics you get to turn yourself into a worldwide explorer hunting for antiques.

Hidden Relics provides an original story, which will take you to very different locations all over the world.

The main outline of the game is to hunt for antiques and artifacts in very crowded areas. The game will give you clues along the way to help you out in finding artefacts.

The funnest part though is probably all the mini puzzle games that you'll play, which will unlock all sorts of gadgets, like magnifyer goggles or a diamond detector, to help you out uncovering anitques.

However what really makes Hidden Relics enjoyable are the graphics, particularly all the details you'll find when hunting around for antiques.

The game is very fun to play, and finding antiques in crowded scenes is a real challenge. The only real downside though is the lengthy installation process.

The game has to go through the Big Fish Games installation engine, which can take some time in downloading the game. Users might also get a little turned off by having to provide their email just to try out the game.

Despite the long installation process, Hidden Relics is a very enjoyable game with great graphics, a good story and lots of mini games to keep you excited.

Priceless antiques have been stolen and hidden throughout Europe. The Professor calls upon her star student Adrianna to help her retrieve stolen antiques.

You will help Adrianna evade the evil thief as she travels Europe to locate the stolen antiques. Along the way you'll be able to get gadgets that help you uncover secret priceless artifacts from Mr.

Hidden Relics


Hidden Relics 1.0.1

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